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03.Dec.2020 Itinerant Preachers' Network 2021

AECW's ReformissionWales initiative includes Itinerant Preachers' Network which arranges regular training and fellowship days in Swansea.
The next date for the IPN is Saturday 6 February 2021 at neath Abbey when Peter Milsom is due to speak.
Much important work is done across Wales through the ministries of itinerant preachers. Like anything worth doing, itinerant preaching is not easy. As well as the pressures common to all ministry, itinerating has its own unique challenges.

The Itinerant Preachers Network (IPN) exists to bring together those who are engaged (or aspiring to be engaged) in this work. The key words for us are ‘pray’, ‘connect’, ‘equip’ and ‘support’.

Up to date information about the itinerant Preachers's Network can be found at the following link:
Please contact the Secretary Alan Davison if you would like to know more about the IPN and receive information about the meetings. His email address is aldavion@yahoo,co,uk