Introducing the AECW

AECW is a fellowship of churches in Wales which seeks to promote co-operation in fellowship and witness between all churches that embrace the evangelical faith. The passion of AECW churches is to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to Wales and the world. We are praying that the Lord will bless all Gospel churches and pour out his Holy Spirit on his people and on the nations. Read more about the AECW here...

  • Recent News

    1. Induction of Adrian Brake at Carmarthen

      Adrian Brake will be inducted as the pastor of Carmarthen Evangelical Church on Saturday 1 April. The service begins at 2pm and the preacher will be Rev Sulwyn Jones.

    2. AECW House Party 2017

      The AECW Annual House Party is an excellent weekend of ministry and fellowship. This year's House Party will be held from Friday 28 April to Monday 1 May at Hebron Hall, Dinas Powys.

    3. Annual Assembly and Conference 2017

      Our Annual Conference will be held held on Saturday 13 May at Newtown Evangelical Church. This year's theme is "Passing the Baton." We will be considering the training and equipping of a new generation of leaders in our churches.

    4. Latest News of Missionaries sent from AECW Churches

      We receive regular news from some of the missionaries who have been sent from AECW churches. Click on the heading to read more.

    5. Reformission Wales

      Reformission Wales is an AECW initiative to plant new churches and strengthen existing churches. For more information click on the heading or visit the Reformission Wales website,

    6. Affinity Resources for Churches and Christians

      AECW is a Corporate Partner in Affinity, which is a fellowship of more than 1200 churches in the UK and Ireland together with more than 20 evangelical agencies. You can find a variety of useful resources on the Affinity website -

    7. Itinerant Preachers' Network

      AECW's ReformissionWales initiative includes the Itinerant Preachers' Network. Regular training and fellowship days are held in both Cardiff and Swansea.

    8. Audio Files of Addresses at Annual Conference

      Audio files of the main addresses at our Annual Conference are now available to download.

    9. Affinity Briefing Paper - Responding to the Marriage Downgrade

      Affinity has prepared an excellent briefing paper on "Responding to the Marriage Downgrade." The briefing paper provides information and advice to Christians and churches in the light of the change to the legal definition of marriage in England and Wales.

    10. North East India Link

      ICI are very familiar initials that are about to take on a new meaning for AECW churches. No, we haven't entered into a sponsorship deal with the industrial giant Imperial Chemical Industries but are forming a spiritual partnership with the Independent Church of India based in Manipur, North East India.

    11. AECW/EMW Ladies' Day Conference

      AECW/EMW Ladies’ Day Conference: Women relating the gospel today, at Libanus Evangelical Church, Morriston.

    12. Induction of John Funnell at Noddfa, Abersychan

      John Funnell was inducted as the part-time pastor of Noddfa Baptist Evangelical Church on Saturday 14 June. Bernard Lewis has written a report of the service and the partnership between Noddfa and Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Newport.

    13. Induction of Owen Batstone at Calvary Baptist Church, Ogmore Vale

      Owen Batstone was inducted as the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Ogmore Vale on 13 June 2014.

    14. Induction at Flint

      Montaz Ali was inducted as the new pastor at Flint Evangelical Church in January 2014.

    15. Induction at Llangeinor

      Jonathan Wilson will be inducted as the new pastor at Calfaria Baptist Church, Llangeinor on Saturday 5 October at 2pm

    16. Induction at Maerdy

      Andrew Scully will be inducted as the new pastor of Seion Baptist Church, Maerdy on Saturday 12 October at 3pm.

    17. Matt Francis inducted at Christ Church, Deeside

      On Saturday 6 July Matt Francis was inducted as the new pastor at Christ Church, Deeside.

    18. Quinta Youth Weekend in March

      Young people from churches in Nortn Wales enjoyed a profitable weekend at Quinta Conference centre Oswestry over the weekend of 8th - 10th March

    19. New Pastor at Tabor Baptist Church, Llantrisant

      Andrew Love has been called to be the interim Pastor at Tabor Baptist Church, Llantrisant. He will begin his ministry at the beginning of April. A Service of Recognition will be held in April.

    20. Affinity - Salt and Light Papers

      Affinity has created a library of Salt and Light Papers containing selected articles and reports which have appeared in The Bulletin. They are published as Salt and Light Papers because they continue to provide current information on a wide range of social issues affecting Christians and Churches.

    21. Redefining Marriage

      Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre have published a very helpful booklet "The Truth about Same-sex Mariage."

    22. Freedom of Speech - Street Evangelism

      Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre have just published a very helpful booklet on the law relating to Street Evangelism. Click on the heading to read more and download the booklet.

    23. North Wales Evangelistic Trailer

      Gareth and Ann Thomas from Ebenezer Evangelical Church, Bangor are involved in a new ministry in North Wales - The North Wales Evangelistic Trailer. They work in conjunction with Siop y Gair in Aberystwyth.

    24. 21st Century Evangelicals - the Evangelical Alliance Survey

      Earlier this year the Evangelical Alliance published a survey giving "A snapshot of the beliefs and habits of evangelical Christian in the UK." The research was undertaken by Christian Research and over 17000 people took part.


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